Park City, Utah = Very UNDER-RATED

Living here in Park City, Utah I have come to realize over the past three years that this is a very under-rated place.

For people who haven’t been to Utah – the perception can be very skewed. I know before I moved here from Chicago I had a very negative opinion of this state which seemed from afar so deep into the desert and full of followers (of a religion I knew nothing about except some interesting rumors).

But the thing is…..that Utah is an absolutely amazing state full of breathtaking scenery, wonderful people and tons of outdoor activities. I love this place so much and I couldn’t fathom going back to the concrete, smoggy, busy body Chicago landscape I left.

The point is that when selling real estate in Utah, even in a resort town like Park City, it seems the best way to market to new visitors is to find a way to get them in contact with a client who has already experienced the greatness that is the mountains of Utah. All of the rumors and pre-conceived notions are cured and/or explained by just one visit to this land of skiing and mountain biking and mountainous horizons.

So that’s my new plan of attack….let me know if you are dealing with similar locational issues and if you think this approach is a good one.


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