What’s Happening at the Yarrow and Some Tips for Taking Your House Green

Local News:

-The owners of the Yarrow Hotel on Park Ave. (next to Albertson’s) have made it clear that they wish to raze the hotel and replace it with a swankier lodge. This could take place as soon as 2010. The new building would have meeting and convention space like the old one, but would look to add a spa and other upscale ammenities. The Yarrow would also look to be a condo-hotel, which allows the owners to sell units inside and the owners place the units in a rental program (which can be tricky in and of itself). The question is how will the consumer react to this new project? The Yarrow is a mid-level hotel, and can’t attract the clientele and prices of the slopeside high-end projects. However, it could be a good corner stone for NOMA (North of Main Street Area) if things work out.

-Some locals are grabbing up sand bags as they prepare for a huge melt-off this winter. There could be some minor flooding, but if we see the weather get hot quickly and get a little rain on top of that then who knows how severe it could be….if you are a second home owner and you would like us to ride by and check out your home to see if water is creaping up, just call me at 435.729.0022.

-Check back in on Friday to get an update on the City Council meeting on the Park City Heights project….it should be interesting to here what the council has to say about the development. If approved it may show a shift in the City’s approach to development

Going Green:
With more and more of a focus of sustainability and “going green”, we thought we’d pass a few options for you to put into use in your own home. Here are some tips from Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH).
Selected technologies have notable strengths in one or more of the following areas: quality and durability; energy efficiency; environmental performance; safety and disaster mitigation; and affordability.
PATH Top 10
1. Sealing Air Leaks: Spray expanding foam or blow fibers such as cellulose into cavities to better insulate the home.
2. Smartvent Ventilation/ Ventilation Control System: New mechanical ventilators can monitor the humidity outside and inside the crawl space, then initiate air exchange when there is an imbalance.
3. HVAC Sizing – Right-sized HVAC: New guidelines help contractors better estimate HVAC equipment needs.
4. High Efficiency Toilets: They use about 20% less water per flush than standard toilets.
5. Compact Fluorescent Lighting: They use 50-80% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than standard light bulbs.
6. High Performance Windows/Storm Windows: Look for the u-value on the window label; the lower, the better.
7. Wireless Lighting, Thermostats, and Other Controls: “Smart” lighting and climate programs make it easy to save energy.
8. Solar Hot Water: Heat water with minimal assistance from gas or electricity.
9. Recycled/ Renewable Flooring: Bamboos, cork and eucalyptus can last as long as traditional hardwood, and reclaimed planks can be more durable than newer ones.
10. Tubular Skylights: These capture and reflect sunlight but don’t gain or lose heat like most skylights.


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