President Bush Arrives In Our Fair Hamlet Today

Mr. President George W Bush himself is coming to Park City today…and even though I don’t agree with him on most things…it’s still pretty exciting all the same.

This morning on the local radio station (KPCW) they were discussing his arrival. The town locals are a bit up in arms over the traffic jam the President’s entourage is bound to cause. Apparently, he will be arriving via helicopter (most likely taking off from the Salt Lake City Airport) and landing somewhere in the fields around the high school. A whole section of one of our main roads will be closed off going both ways…and it’s happening right at “rush hour” when everyone will be heading home from work….4:30pm to be exact.

Still, there’s a buzz in the air and it’s neat to know I will be able to look up in the sky and see the President flying over. He’s holding some fundraisers here in town.

AND….the neatest part…
The President is staying across the street from Rob. Just an FYI for those wondering, President Bush is staying in Park City at the Stein Erikson Lodge. Rob was up at his house for lunch today and noticed a ton of Secret Service at Stein’s and word is that the Pres. is staying there.

Also, there is a Bush Bash BBQ scheduled at the Park City – City Park this afternoon…if you’re around town, it could be fun…it’s a BYOB and BYOBBQ. Utah always shows overwhelming support for the Republican party and for any of the Dems out there, the BBQ is a way to express yourself…on the other hand, the main events on the President’s schedule are Republican party events….so if you’re so inclined, I’m sure that extra $70,000 grand you have lying around will get you in the door…maybe even a cute photo op!

Cool stuff right?

As for the local Real Estate updates….we’ll get that important info out to you ASAP….


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