Tips For Holding a Spectacular Open House For Any Listing

Here are some handy tips to pulling off a very well received Open House for any listing. Open Houses can be fun and they are a great way to show off a property and to meet new potential clients.

Advertise in your local newspaper. Make sure your ads are colorful and provide detailed descriptions. Don’t forget about placing them in picture classifieds or open house directories. An ad in the Sunday newspaper is great as well.

Make the path to your open house very easy to find.

  1. In a small radius around the house, place signs at busy intersections pointing in the direction of the house.
  2. The arrows should point buyers in the right direction and encourage people driving in the area as well as walking to check it out.
  3. Signs should be placed every few blocks leading up the paths to the house.
  4. Don’t park in the driveway. It’s a good idea to also ask your neighbors to please avoid parking in front of the house as well.

Open all the window shades to let in as much light as possible. Also don’t forget to turn all the lights on in the entire house.

Creating a pleasant smell in the house can be very inviting to guests. Some options to achieve this are via potpourri or even better, bake a batch of cookies right before the open house begins. (Frozen, ready to bake cookies are the easiest and make the least mess.)

Playing soft music on each floor of the home is also a nice idea. Make sure your music choices are non-offensive and easy to listen to.

On a heavy traffic area of the house, set up your document station. Good areas for this are on the kitchen counter or at a side table near the front door.

  1. Have professional looking four color printing process flyers available which list the features of the home and any information which might create interest for a potential buyer.
  2. Prepare a black and white one page summary of possible mortgage options and show what payments a buyer of the home can expect.
  3. Put out a stack of your business cards as well as business cards for the builder of the home and/or the architect if the home is new construction and the builder and/or architect did great work.
  4. Don’t forget the sign-in sheet. Put out a stack or pad of sign in sheets asking each person or group who attends the open-house to provide their email address and/or phone number and where they are from. This way you will have a way to follow up with anyone who seems especially interested.

Always have bottles of water on hand (water is good for a beverage option because it can’t cause as much damage as juice or soda pop if it is spilled).

Provide a snack or treat such as chocolates or cookies. Try and choose a snack that won’t make a mess with crumbs or drips.

Set out all documents pertaining to the house:
Inspection reports
Appraisals or comps
Major repairs & warranties
Blueprints for additions or future possible improvements

Be upbeat, cheery and greet each buyer who enters the home. Find out what the buyers are looking for and, if possible, show them why your home fits those requirements.

And finally, ask for feedback. Ask each buyer what they thought of your home and would they consider buying it.

That’s all it takes! Good luck!


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One response to “Tips For Holding a Spectacular Open House For Any Listing

  1. Brian & Britt

    you should have custom ‘rob and rachel’ water bottles to give out at open houses. i know i would buy a house from if you had your face on a water bottle.

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