The President’s Visit Not So Cheap..Affordable Housing Options for Talisker

Parkites could be shelling out an extra $30,000 for the chaos that surrounds a Presidential visit. All the extra law enforcement and vehicles ran up a hefty bill….I guess this is par for the course as far as Mr. Bush’s economics go…just run up a tap!

See the $9,390,653,364,135.51 national debt as of 5/28/08.

Talisker is pushing the envelope trying to get affordable housing on the southern end of Daly Ave. The street is narrow and in the winter turns to basically one lane, and the Tuhaye and Empire Pass developer wants to add housing at the far end.

The extra traffic is not needed on the street, but the town needs more affordable housing. Talisker is only wanting 8 units however, the land is currently open space… will be interesting to see what gives.

Over the past few days, we have seen 36 properties come on the market, 19 close, and 21 go under contract.
Of note:
-2 new homes at Promontory…a great one in West Hills for under $4m and 7500 sq ft.
-A gorgeous home in Aspen Springs that is over 6000 sq ft and just above $2.6m

-Sky lodge unit 349,900; 3bd/3ba,2020 sq ft….they con’t to get great #s for one-eighth fractions -2 Silver Star units, ski in/ski out at Park City Mountain Resort. Both $2.1m and 4 bedrooms around 3700 sq ft….$555 psf is a pretty good deal
-Deer Crest Village townhome at $1.7m; 4bd/5ba, 2800 sq ft…at $607psf with no amenities is amazing. Check out our investment opportunities page next week to see a great development parcel close to this condo with a possibility of amenities.
Glenwild home at $1.699m; 4587 sq ft, 4b d/5ba…this was not the best home on the market at Glenwild, but a nice price point.

-2 Sky Lodge units. Both two bedrooms for $279,900 and $330,000 for an eighth share
-ANOTHER Glenwild home at $2.695m; 4bd/5ba, 5690 sq ft…that market is VERY active! 4 homes sold in a month!
-Beautiful Thaynes Canyon home for $3.5m; 6700 sq ft, 6bd/7ba….some homes in this area are overpriced but for about 3 acres and this great home it was the real deal.

Now we’re off to Vegas!


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