Lots in Glenwild….Who Knew They Were Such Great Deals!?!

So in our last post we talked about the housing market in Glenwild and how there are plenty of great homes for sale there. With the houses moving pretty fast and the lots moving slower, the sellers of the lots should be antsy to make some serious deals!

In this post we’ll discuss some of the great lots available in Glenwild and where the deals are at.

There are currently 38 lots listed in Glenwild. Two lot sales have closed in the last week there as well. One lot at 1.21 acres closed at $806,550 (it was originally listed for $849,000). The other lot at .73 acres closed at $525,000 which was a steal considering the listing price was originally $695,000!

Out of the 38 lots currently listed, the prices range from $495,000 for .59 acres to $1.999mil for 2.24 acres. Some of these lots have been on the market for a little while and it seems from the last two lots to close that sellers may be in the mood to work a good price out.

In terms of value and price flexibility, now is most definitely the time to make a move on a lot at Glenwild. While the homes seem to be moving slower, the lots are priced to go and go they will!

Feel free to give Rob a call at 435.729.0022 to learn more about the details on what available and what the possibilities are for building your dream home in Glenwild or finding the best way to make your investment work for you via a spec home or a resale.


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