Market Update…not too shabby

Since the beginning of the weekend we have seen 65 properties come on the market, 15 close, 13 go under contract.

Here are the high notes:
-Promontory home at $3.795m; 6500 sq ft, 5bd/7ba, $584psf…this one looks like a great home, but I have not been through it yet. Seems a little high on the ppsf, however I know the lot is great & maybe the finishes are killer too. We’ll keep you posted when we see it.
-Promontory cabin at $2.375m; 4175 sq ft, 4bd/5ba, $569 psf seems high too, but these cabins are getting good numbers & people seem to love them as they are walking distance to most of the amenities.
-Lower Deer Valley home at $1.75m; 3966 sq ft, 6 bd/4ba, $441 psf….Lower Deer Valley has been fairly active since March, and is an area that is still coveted!
-Park Ave home near the City Park at $1.65m; 4382 sq ft, 5bd/4ba, $377psf…these guys seem like they really want to sell as this has been on and off the market numerous time & they are moving the price a good bit.

-Quarry Mtn Estate home at $3.48m from $3.9m; 6100 sq ft, 5bd/6ba, $570 psf.

-2 Red Cloud lots high atop Empire Pass and Deer Valley ski runs. One is $4.3m and one is $4.8m for these ski in/ski out gems at Deer Valley….and only 2 acres! As we have stated before, Empire Pass seems to still be rockin’, especially with new product. The funny thing is that the people who bought new product 2 years ago and are trying to flip it when the unit is complete are having trouble and there are some good deals in that area.
-Solamere home at $3.495m; 6663 sq ft, 5bd/7ba, $525psf…see my comments above for how Lower Deer Valley is doing….strong in this market!

-Empire Pass Shooting Star condo at $2.2m; 2114 sq ft, 3 bd/4ba, $1041psf….still over $1000 psf in Empire!
-Old Town home on Rossi Hill at $2.1m; 5700 sq ft, 5bd/5ba, $368 psf for a new home in Old Town was a good pick up for this buyer.
-Resort Center condo at Park City Mtn Resort at $825,000; 1670 sq ft, 3bd/3ba, $494psf seems high, bt they got it.
-Thaynes Canyon home at $3.195m; 6700 sq ft, 6bd/7ba, $477psf…this was a gorgeous home with great views and worth every penny.


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