Talisker Misses the Mark on Closing at the Canyons…Again…Maybe Next Week?

Talisker has yet again failed to close on the Canyons, but their attorney has stated that they will close this week….we have heard that before!

The public sentiment around town is that Talisker will not be able to close, however I think the deal will get done. Parkites seem to be miffed with the developer, and do not think they can run the ski resort. Again, I differ a little….I am not saying that they will do a great job, but let’s hold off judgment until they get a shot at it.

Oh yeah, they have to close first…but you never know, they could be better than the previous operators. I do understand the position of most locals: that if Talisker can not close on the deal and they have supposedly missed a payment or 2 at Tuhaye, then how are they going to pump the much needed capital into the resort to make it a first class operation and take advantage of the great terrain there…???

Others have had their chance at the plate to fix the Canyons and have not hit the ball out of the park, so maybe Talisker at least deserves a chance to get up to the plate….let’s just see if they close first.


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