Empire Pass is rolling along and no real news from the Talsiker/Canyons deal

Yet again Talisker failed to close on the Canyons. They did put up an additional $5m, to bring their total non-refundable deposit to $25m. Talisker officials were “unavailable” for comment…we’ll keep our ear to the ground to see what is going on behind the scene…stay tuned.

Here is an Empire Pass at Deer Valley year to date update:

Single Family homes

-7 are on the market at an average price of $6.7m; 5531 sq ft and averaging out at $1,255psf
-2 homes have sold for and average of $5.975m; 4525 sq ft and $1320psf
-7 homes are pending for an average of $6.46m; 6044 sq ft and average of $1054psf


-76 are on the market for an average of $3.167m and $1436psf. Of the 76 unit, 28 are in the new Flagstaff launch. That leaves us with 48 on the market not in Flagstaff and the majority of those are resales, and there are good deals to be had in comparison with what else is selling.
-19 have closed at an average of $3.177m, and $1208psf….some of the resales I spoke of are under $1050psf.
-11 condos are pending sale at an average of $2.96m, and $1384psf!

Vacant Land

-5 lots are on the market, which average about an acre for $4.115m! These are for the deep pockets!
-2 have closed for an average of $4.8m
-2 are pending at an average of $4.55m

As you can see, Empire Pass at Deer Valley is pulling very strong numbers even in the midst of this slow down. There are still some good deals that the flippers must sell quick. Give us a call or email to find out more 435.729.0022 or robalday@yahoo.com


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