Market update

Well since Tuesday we have seen 60 properties come on the market, 15 go under contract, and 13 close. The high notes are:

-Glenwld lot for $895,000….I would imagine they have some wiggle room here on the price!
-Fox Point at Redstone condo for $420,000; 2bd/3ba, 1302 sq ft, $322 psf seems a little high…there are some great deals at Kimball Junction if you are looking to buy.
-Park Meadows home for $12.9m; 6bd/11ba (2 bathrooms for everyoneJ), 11,000 sq ft, $1173psf is ridiculous for Park Meadows! This home will take a special buyer for sure….it is on 7 acres for whatever that’s worth (not $12m). I must say though I have not been through this home yet, so maybe it will be spectacular.

-April Mtn home down to $2.995m;4bd/6ba, 5290 sq ft, $566psf….maybe they are getting more realistic.
-Empire Ave home in Old Town Park City from $1.9m to $1.575m; 4bd/5ba, 2400 sq ft, $656psf is a good deal in Old Town…all along Empire and Lowell they are having trouble selling. Nice time to pick up a deal there.

-Sky Lodge fractional for $269,900, 2bd/2ba, 1260 sq ft, and 8 weeks of use right on Main St is not too bad if you are into the fractional thing.
-Ranch Place home at $949,500; 5bd/4ba, 3666 sq ft, $259psf.
-Commercial building in Prospector for $1.25m

-Fox Point at Redstone for $363,000; 3bd/2ba, 1258 sq ft, $289psf…that’s a little more like it! Take note buyers of what the one the one above was just listed for and what it should sell for.
-Glenwild home $2m; 3bd/5ba, 4017 sq ft, $498psf is a good deal at Glenwild…..where things in the home market are still hot!


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