What To Do This Weekend in Park City

Β What a busy couple weeks Rob and I have been having!…Between the summer concert series at Deer Valley, the locals deals at our favorite restaurants and all the weddings and events that summer-time brings…it’s been hard to keep up! Not to mention our ever-more-demanding jobs! πŸ˜‰

I thought I’d post some ideas for how to make the best of your weekend here in Park City whether it be the weekend we are entering today or another one just as sunny and wonderful in the future.

Restaurant Deals:
-There are plenty of restaurant deals here in Park City. You can find out about them easily via coupons listed in the local paper, the Park Record. What tends to be offered are two-for-one entrees or $25 off your bill for two people.
-Our favorite restaurant in town, Jean Louis’ usually comes up with more unique offers featuring reduced priced specials that change day to day (we never miss $2 fish tacos!) or four course dinners at a special price…right now they have a $39 four course dinner with course options that change frequently and tout delicious treats such as duck terrine as an appetizer or unique Hawaiian fish and steak combos for entrees.
-Another good deal seems to be at one of the Bill White restaurants Grappa, (Bill White owns a bunch of restaurants in town including Chimayo, Wahso, Grappa and Windy Ridge) which is offering two for one entrees and has apparently reduced their overall menu prices. Grappa’s reputation in town is varied but no one can deny that their Osso Bucco is to-die-for!
-Prime Steak House is also offering their standard two-for-one entree deal which can be a great time to visit their restaurant. Generally the undisputed “best steak” in town, Prime charges an arm and a leg for their delicious steaks and bills there for two people are always over $100. With the two-for-one offer, dinner can be more affordable and well worth it!
-Mustang is another eatery offering deals and although I sometimes get tired of their ever stationary menu, I never tire of their duck empanadas or chile relleno.

*****and for those readers who aren’t from Utah and don’t know about all our clandestine and undecipherable liquor laws…one good thing to come from the DABC (department of alcoholic beverage control) is the rule that you can ALWAYS bring your own bottle of wine to dinner – the restaurant may charge you a corkage fee but cutting your wine costs in half (most restaurant markups on wine is at least double) can really help in keeping the price of dinners out on the town to a reasonable level – just don’t forget that you need the little sticker on your bottle that proves you bought it here in state (OR if your crafty like me you can stock-pile those little suckers and then stick them onto bottles you get from Las Vegas or the like πŸ˜‰ *****

Things To Do:
-I first have to mention my favorite place to hit on a Sunday afternoon…THE PARK SILLY MARKET! It’s really just a bunch of local vendors selling everything from dog shampoo to sausages to hand knitted dresses and it is a blast! There is never a lack of people watching or good music on hand and the beer garden and yummy food available doesn’t hurt either.
-Open Houses are a common occurrence here in Park City on summer weekends. Rob and I tend to hold Open Houses for Rob’s listings between 2pm and 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays and it seems most other Real Estate Agents follow a similar schedule. It’s fun to meet new people and chat while checking out all the cool properties PC has to offer…and that’s before you realize that a lot of agents put out fresh baked cookies or wine and cheese for interested visitors to their listings…
-Ride the chair lifts! All the ski resorts in Park City have their main chair lifts open during summer. For a small fee you can ride the lift up and either relax and check out the scenery and then ride that puppy right back down or once you’re at the top you are free to hike or bike you’re way back down….the latter option is the one for those looking to burn some calories and create some adventure πŸ˜‰

So I guess, that should help out a little…for anyone who needed ideas….hopefully you are now just a bit more inspired….and if you’re looking for more info, feel free to email me at rachel.peterman@gmail.com with any questions. I don’t know everything but I am a know-it-all!

Happy Friday!


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