Park City Summers Take the Cake!

red rocks in Utah

red rocks in Utah

Rob and I just got back from a great trip to Southern California for the wedding of our good friends Brian and Brittney.  Brian is that friend of ours who provides most of the great scenic photos we post here.  Brittney is his new lovely bride.  Brittney and I met while working at Chloe Lane, a local boutique here in Park City which sells the most forward, fun and stylish clothing in the entire state of Utah.

We had a great time in Laguna Beach where they held the amazing wedding of the century on the sprawling lawn of the St. Regis Monarch Beach.  The cliffs and beaches which make up the coast in that part of California are breathtaking.  Rob and I thoroughly enjoyed our time there, lazing on the beach and partying it up with Brian and Brittney’s families….There was one thing that really struck us both though as we headed to the airport to fly back to Salt Lake City and come home to Park City….even in one of the most desirable locations in the country….even while spending time at a top rated exclusive resort…we couldn’t help but realize that Park City still remains our favorite place to be.

It’s a terrific realization to come to that you live in a place, so wonderful, so scenic, so happy and full of interesting, open-minded people that even when you go to a place like Laguna Beach, California…you still can look around at the end of a weekend and say to yourself, “yeah, this is pretty nice…but Park City is one hundred times better and I can’t wait to get back there!”.

Rob and I love writing this blog and sharing the goings on in the Park City Real Estate Market.  We also love sharing local events and news with other local readers and people who are interested in this unique and wonderful place we call home.  Park City’s breezy, dry summers with eighty degree weather and green mountain scenes are the ingredients for the best May through August months I’ve ever had.  No Chicago summer at the Lake Michigan beach or Orange County Pacific surf getaway can even come close to the perfect setting and fabulous community of friends that Park City has offered us….and I just had to share this point with our readers….

So – if you’re interested in judging for yourself just how splendiforous Park City summers can be, you still have time.  Book a trip to Park City ASAP and make a point to let Rob and I know you’re coming….we’ll be happy to show you around!  There are still plenty of great concerts to take-in at the Deer Valley Amphitheater (Gipsy Kings and Bob Dylan to name a couple) and we are happy to provide some good locally available wine suggestions or restaurant deals to any of our friendly readers….

Speaking of friendly readers…and getting back to that terrific store I mentioned at the beginning of this post – Chloe Lane – don’t forget to check out for your own Chloe Shopping Experience from where ever you are…I’m friends with the fashionable owners of that store and I hear that there are some coupons offers I’ll be able to offer to our readers very soon….I’ll keep you updated! 

That’s all I have for today…check back tomorrow and hopefully Rob will have one of his handy Real Estate Updates for you!


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  1. Laguna Beach is a great place. You really cant beat Southern California!

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