Mountain Do’s in Park City

So you’re getting excited already about the August 31st Bob Dylan concert at Deer Valley in the loverly Park City…well I know how you feel.

I for one am not going to sit around on my laurels and wait for that concert…I mean YES I want to go and I will be there but in the mean time there are plenty of other great concerts to attend at Deer Valley.

Below is a complete list of all the concerts that will be going on. There are three groups or series of concerts and I’ve listed them below with descriptions of the differences between the the three.
Rob and I have been to many, many of these concerts and we’ve never been disappointed (even when it rained so hard my brie cheese got soggy and my red wine turned pink!).
So get out your blankets and plastic wine glasses and hit the Whole Foods (aka Wild Oats) to pick up some sumptuous cheeses…and let’s go out and breath in the night air and listen to music with the coolest people around in the most dreamy locale available….

Wednesday Night Free Concerts at Deer Valley presented by Frontier Bank:
(this is what us locals call the “free Wednesday night concerts”…always a fun group of laid back individuals who bring lots of wine and usually meet up afterwards at Jean Louis for some dinner…these are Rob’s favorite concerts!)
-June 25th – Motherlode Band
-July 2nd – Joy and Eric (my personal favorite!)
-July 9th – Ryan Hillier
-July 16th – Pat Carnahan
-July 23rd – Fat Soul
-August 12th – Wisebird
-August 20th – John Boy’s Mule
-August 27th – Mudpuddle

St. Regis Big Stars Bright Nights – Concert Series:
(These concerts are a bit more upscale…the tickets cost money and the prices can get a bit hefty but are well worth it! There are two kinds of tickets available, lawn seats – for the common folk ๐Ÿ˜‰ where you bring a blanket and some treats and find an open spot to spread out, lay down under the stars and soak in the music….and then there are the VIP seats – which are little camping chairs which keep you off the dirty ground and put you up closer to the stage away from the fray… ๐Ÿ˜‰ with these seats you get an assigned seat number since the chairs are arranged in neat little rows in a semi circle around the front of the stage…this is the area for the “cool kids” and it’s my favorite place to watch a concert from…these concerts are my favorite series mostly because I work for the company who is developing the St. Regis hotel and I’ve been involved with the project since it’s infancy…so this is a thing near and dear to my heart….plus, Teri Orr and the Park City Performing Arts Foundation have an amazing cause to support with your ticket purchases…FYI )
-July 12th – Marc Cohen and Aimee Mann
-July 17th – Feist
-July 28th – Lucinda Williams
-August 17th – Golden Dragon Performers
-August 19th – Boz Skaggs
-August 26th – Gypsy Kings
-August 30th – Dwight Yoakam

Utah Symphony Series / Deer Valley Music Festival:
(This series of concerts is put on obviously by the Utah Symphony. The tickets aren’t free but the music is wonderful. Rob and I haven’t been to as many of these concerts as we have been to the other series for no particular reason…but I think we’ll try to get to these more often this year…I’m feeling myself getting into a more classical music kind of mood this time around )
-July 4th – Patriotic Favorites
-July 19th – Tchaicovsky’s 1912 Overture
-July 25th – David Cho and Utah Symphony
-July 26th – Classical Mystery Tour
-August 1st – Time For Three and Dvorak’s New World Symphony
-August 2nd – Bravo Broadway
-August 7th – Utah Opera Presents Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore **Dress Rehersal**
-August 8th and 9th – Utha Opera Presents Gilber and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore
-August 15th – The Mormon Tabbernacle Choir with the Utah Symphony
-August 16th – Gladys Night with the Utah Symphony

So hopefully this list will help you to make your Deer Valley Concert Series plans this Summer Season…let us know if you plan on attending any of these and we’ll try to meet up with you at the concert to toast to our wonderful place in the world – Park City – and the great opportunites for culture and fun that it brings us!


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